Very proud of this fabulous review on Muddy Surrey

Enormously proud of this fabulous review from Muddy Surrey for Hazelwood, which gives a glowing report of the Arts aspect of the School, with particular reference to yours truly and what we try to achieve for the children in terms of encouraging their creativity…

Also mentions the fact we won the Best Art Gallery Award. Thank you again for the support, Muddy Surrey! @muddysurrey

Muddy Award winner for Best Art Gallery, Kate Tulett, is the Head of Art, a dynamic and inspirational woman with a knack for drawing the creativity from her pupils (no pun intended) and achieving amazing results. Children work with a range of mediums including paint, clay, pastels, ink, textiles, collage and print making.

Muddy Surrey

Read the full article here:

Feature photo credit: Muddy Surrey – featuring current pupil, Bella.

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